Professional firework
and pyrotechnic displays
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With over thirty years in the industry behind us Neon Pyrotechnics are bringing that experience, and expertise to events and venues nationwide.


Using the finest, specialised fireworks, gleaned from leading manufacturers throughout the world, organised and ignited with skill and precision, you need look no further to find a display company capable of providing the finest in modern day pyro entertainment.


Based in Cornwall, but with bases and highly trained individuals across the UK Neon consider spreading their own brand of professional, innovative and bespoke displays wherever there are dark skies.


We offer the full range, low noise, ear splitting, indoor, outdoor, day or night, Neon strive to provide the complete service for any event. We’ve fired from all kinds of places, rooftops, on boats and barges, off a bridge; there’s nothing we won’t consider as a launch pad for our amazing and spectacular extravaganzas.


To book one of our displays please contact us and we will call you back, if it is deemed that a display is feasible on your site then we will visit you to complete a free full risk assessment and get a better knowledge of your wishes and what we can do to ensure that you get the best possible display, on your site, for your budget.


From a booking to the final site clearance we aim to provide the best friendly and efficient service available. We’re passionate about our work and we are keen to spread that joy, use Neon to light up your event!